Saturday, September 13, 2014


Hi everyone!

So much has happened in the almost 1.5 years since my last post.  I mean, there should be a lot going on, right?  I would have either been too busy or given up on posting my news for a break that long.

Our most recent news is a move back to Chicago.  I am teaching at two hallowed institutions, North Park University and Columbia College.  Both are very different schools, but I am enjoying teaching a lot - more than I thought I would.

The move took place immediately after my second stint in Basel, Switzerland.  I spent all of January and June on a fellowship at the Paul Sacher Stiftung, researching the manuscripts and sketches for Les Espaces Acoustiques by Gérard Grisey.  I wrote my thoughts on the first 3 movements after my visit in January, and am preparing to consider the final 3 movements as well as the cycle as a whole now that some time has been presenting itself.

The JACK Quartet came to Iowa in October and performed works by composers there.  I was thrilled to have my piece Vṛttāsu performed, as it was supposed to be the last project before my dissertation.  I am quite thankful for the work the JACK put into it, and I think the recording is great.  You should listen to it.

I also wrote Uroboros for Thiago Ancelmo de Souza, who is a pretty terrific clarinetist.  It is a fun foray into a couple of techniques on bass clarinet, and certainly whet my appetite to take more chances in future pieces.  Thiago's performance at the University of Michigan was really tight and can be enjoyed by clicking here.

Instead of diving directly into orchestrating my dissertation, I wrote Abiogenesis for the Center for New Music.  The piece is written for one of everything including sax (extra percussion instead of harp) in what I like to think of as a "kitchen sink" ensemble.  The piece was conducted by Zack Stanton, and the performance was really quite good despite a few obstacles that presented themselves on the way to performance.  Want to hear it?

I completed my PhD in composition (with a minor in theory pedagogy) from the University of Iowa this past May, defending my dissertation Anisotropic Streaming in late April.  The university orchestra with William Jones was kind enough to read the piece, and I am excited to get back to the piece and continue tweaking.

Though beginning the piece Meiotic Tendencies for saxophonist Ryan Smith earlier this year, the next phase of composition has recently commenced.  I have also began work on a piece for the Enid Trio.  If you don't know the Enids, you should.  They are terrific players and terrific people.  Check them out.

There is more news to come, and hopefully sooner than next year in December.  Stay tuned.

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